Your logo is the first thing that customers see. Give them something to remember you by.


Website design based on the needs of your business, optimized for the use of your customers



Ranking your business in search results is the first step in gaining focused traffic that actually brings your business customers


Campaining through social media is more than just updates and photos, targeting your audience and timing your posts exponentially gains following and shares

Who I Am

George Pinedo

So I started working in web design about 5 years back when I was given the opportunity to write a few articles for a game I used to play. After I saw what kind of attention my article received, I decided I needed my own website to draw in an audience. After months of creating terrible looking websites with awful stats and less than expected results I finally figured out how to create stunning websites. Then I mastered how to draw traffic to my website. toward the end. I was drawing over 2.5 million hits and had over 25,000 daily visitors to my website every day!

My Methods Work

because I use the formula I used to draw traffic to my website on every website I build and manage. This causes long term goals in Traffic, Followers, and Email list sign ups. Living in Phoenix, we have some unique businesses that all need special attention. I spend the time to get to know the business and what their clients are like before I begin work on their websites because I want the site to reflect the business. One of the best parts about my job is seeing how the client reacts when they see their phones ringing more, their reputation improving and when they start to gain a social media following. I own a small business, my family has owned small businesses, It’s the American dream. I also have felt how difficult it can be to acquire new leads and customers. Don’t worry, if you hire me for SEO Services, after three months you’ll forget your paying for my services.